What to expect from your Lesson

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Our tools of the trade at EHS Reston

What do you get for your Lesson?

The 40-Minute Micro Skill Training Center Lesson

Players will be asked to articulate to the instructor what their current level of understanding is regarding stickhandling, passing, and shooting. The dry-erase board is often used for discussion and teaching points so that players can easily connect with our plan for them.
Diagnostic testing and video analysis to help players understand how all Micro Skill Elements are interconnected. Example: Players will learn how something as simple as poor posture can affect shot Velocity, Accuracy, and Deception.
Players will use proprietary training tools and devices designed to engrain proper biomechanics into their stickhandling, passing, and shooting.
Players will be training in a professional environment where laziness is not tolerated.

Our Tools of the Trade

  • Radar Gun
  • Corrective stickhandling and passing devices
  • Video analysis devices for TV
  • Dry-erase board
  • Cloud recorded lessons via Dropcam

The Environment

  • Heated training center
  • Parent seating area with TV
  • Fits 2-4 players and 3-4 parents
  • Located Inside Skatequest Arena