Preparing for your Lesson

Instructor Focus

Our EHS Reston instructors focus on three primary constructs:

1. Mechanics – joint positioning and activation. This will include all Micro Skill Elements inherent to each shooting style.
2. Diagnostics - How to pin point the exact cause of shot dysfunction.
3. Prescription - How to build a developmental plan starting from the primary cause of dysfunction through to final correct execution.

Player Focus

Think of our Micro Skill Training Center as a classroom where breaking a sweat is of little importance.

Show up awake and fully ready to relearn how to learn. Be ready to pay attention so you can learn how to train. Anticipate that you will need to go home after your lesson and train the fundamentals until you’ve built muscle memory through the practice regimen.

Parent Focus

We encourage parents to think of increasing shot Velocity, Accuracy, and Deception as something that is refined over the long-term. It isn’t a simple process to perfect so you will need to think big picture and remain relatively patient.

What equipment is needed for your Lesson?