Knowledge Recap

Shooting to Score

Shooting can be broken down into the following categories:

Accuracy – is the ability to continually hit a target.

Velocity – can be described as the speed of the shot.

Deception – ability to hide when, where or what shot will be taken.

Tactics – describes the strategies of shooting; where to shoot, why to shoot to a specific location, when to shoot, knowing how to open up holes, etc.

Management – describes risk and future opportunity. For example, a shooter may shoot to a specific location early in a shift, but a different one late in a shift or, may shoot high from bad angles to establish shot tendencies, and then shoot low when in prime scoring position. It can also describe shooting to a goaltender’s weaknesses as opposed to a shooter’s strengths (save high glove).

Stickhandling to Shoot

Improper stickhandling negatively effects your shot accuracy, velocity, and deception. Most people correlate stickhandling with deking. In reality, stickhandling plays a larger role in puck management and protection.

Passing with Accuracy, Velocity, and Deception

Passing is the foundation for a specific type of shot. If your passing mechanics are incorrect, certain shot mechanics will suffer. Improper passing mechanics will force a player to compensate and decelerate in order to obtain accuracy. Moreover, improper passing mechanics will seep into your shooting and builds poor muscle memory.

Fun Fact: The only skills you can't be taught off-ice are gliding and stopping. All other hockey fundamentals should be taught and practiced off-ice first.
Everything we teach in the Micro Skill Training Center is centralized to increase your shot Velocity, Accuracy, and Deception. We utilize the STEP Curriculum to help you improve the most important Micro Skill Elements in hockey.