Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures


$45 per player for a 40-minute semi-private lesson
$75 for a 40-minute private lesson

We accept Credit Card only

Please note: All credit card charges will incur the Square surcharge.

48-hour policy for cancelling lessons

You have 48 hours to cancel your lesson and remove your name from the schedule. If you cancel within the 48hr period, you will be responsible for 50% of the lesson fee. If you miss a lesson, you will be charged 100% of your lesson cost. No exceptions.

Fit for EHS

We are looking to train players, who have the willingness to learn, focus, and practice the material at home. Our STEP curriculum is built around progression, and your child will have to train throughout the week in order to receive the information for the next progression. If we feel that your child is not a good fit for the program or lacks the willingness to learn, we reserve the right to remove him or her from the class until we deem them ready.


All you need is a stick and a pair of gloves for the session. We would prefer if you had white tape on your stick blade prior to the session, so we can diagnosis certain shooting and stick handling habits.

Conduct for Kids

The information being taught in the lessons is sought after from the highest levels and is a privilege to learn at the youth and amateur level. We pride ourselves on Respect and Accountability. If we feel your child is being disrespectful to our instructors, parents, or the opportunity to learn trade secrets, we reserve the right to remove them from the schedule at any time.

Conduct for Parents

Parents are required to respect our teaching ability and knowledge of the information being taught. We also ask that parents protect our information and competitive advantage, so filming of any kind will be prohibited during the session. Parents are required to sit quietly, ask questions, and take in the information in order to help their child at home with any questions. Coaching from the couch will be prohibited and parents will NOT be allowed on the floor to help their kids. We reserve the right to remove any parents who do not follow these rules and cancel any future appointments. We are teaching kids how to learn and train properly, so they can diagnose and fix their own deficiencies. The complexity of some of the information will cause frustration and we want to create a relaxing environment for your kids during the learning process. You will have plenty of time at home to help them with the information.