About EHS Reston


Our mission is to bring everyone more fun and enjoyment while playing hockey. We specialize in helping players of ALL ages and skill levels increase their scoring. We also specialize in helping players improve their offensive and defensive puck management and tactical skills.


Micro Skill Training Center

Featuring the STEP Curriculum

Learn the biomechanics behind proper stickhandling, passing, and shooting
Off-ice training produces greater fine motor control, allowing for faster neuromuscular connections in the hands and fingers
Learn how improper biomechanics prevents you from performing important Micro Skill Elements
Homework manuals for completing weekly homework

Progression Based Curriculum

Skating, Stickhandling, Passing, and Shooting

Ron Johnson

BSc., MSc. Hockey Biomechanics

Creator of STEP Curriculum

Ron Johnson is the CEO and Technical Director of Elite Hockey Science Inc. Mr. Johnson is entering his 38th year of coaching and teaching hockey skills. He brings an incredible passion for the game and a genuine love of teaching, working with students ranging from 6 to 40 years, amateur to professional. He has been operating developmental programs worldwide for the past 30 years with the last 6 years focusing primarily on shooting and scoring fundamentals. Mr. Johnson currently holds BSc. and MSc. degrees specializing in Hockey Biomechanics, and he is certified by Hockey Canada as an elite coach. He also holds certifications in Exercise Theory and Methodology.

Mr. Johnson has trained hundreds of Amateur, Junior, College, and Professional hockey players ranking from Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the US, and Canada.

30 Years of Hockey Research

  • Masters Degree in Hockey Biomechanics
  • In-season Offensive Consultant to NHL players
  • Certified by Hockey Canada as an elite coach
  • Recognized twice by Hockey Canada for contributions to Amateur hockey
  • Former Co-founder and Technical Director of EXCEL Hockey Inc. (International Hockey Research Company)
  • Founder and Technical Director of Pro-Cor Fitness Inc. (Sport Specific Training and Equipment Manufacturing)
  • Co-founder and Chief Science Officer NEXT Testing Inc. (International Sport R&D Company)
  • Co-founder and CEO of DOCS Sports
  • Technical consultant to NEXT Testing, DOCS Sports, Total Hockey World Wide and Fan-Tastic Sports

"He [STEP creator Ron Johnson] just has a different approach. It's a smart approach where he thinks outside the box. I've always said that if he [Ron Johnson] ever coached a team in the NHL, he would win a Stanley Cup in his first year."

- Ryan Kesler

Upcoming On-ice Clinics

On-ice Summer Camps 2016

Age & Skill Level Requirement for Main Camps
The Main Summer Camps are specifically designed for players of all ages and skills levels who are looking to improve throughout the summer. Our Main Summer Camps will help both Travel players prepare for the upcoming season, and challenge the House level players who want to become Travel level players. During the Main Summer Camps, players will be grouped by age and skill level each week.

*All EHS Reston Instructors are former Junior, College, or Professional hockey players, and are Level 5 Certified by STEP creator Ron Johnson

Elite Tier 1 AAA Summer Camps 2016

Elite Tier 1 AAA Age & Skill Level Requirement

The Elite Tier 1 AAA Summer Camps are designed for Pee-Wee through Prep-school players, who've played at least one year of Tier 1 AAA hockey. All AA players must call us for pre-approval and must have spent significant amounts of time training with us off-ice in the EHS Reston Micro Skill Training Center.